Central Group

A group of new mausoleums arose in Shahi-Zinda in the 1380s-1390s. They were built on the place of Qarakhanids’ madrasah (11th century). Some of them were saved. These are two nameless mausoleums, Amir Burunduk Mausoleum, a mausoleum built by usto (master) Alim Nesefi. Amir Burunduk Mausoleum has only an internal dome on a 16-angled drum. The first nameless mausoleum preserved a portal with a citation: “earthly life is a burden to people, and people are a burden to the earth.” The mausoleum made by Alim Nesefi is decorated with relief majolica. Expressive eight-pointed stars are a characteristic feature of its facade. The central star shows the names of twelve Shiite imams. The lower one contains Koranic text “Throne”. Between the “stars” is the text: “This world is joy for the people of sin, the future world is bitter for those who are committed to this world, and both of these worlds are a joy for Godly people.” Located on the south east of the main track, an octagonal mausoleum was built by Ulugbek in 1430-40s.

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