Adventurers Club Expedition “Самаркандские тайны: XVII век”

ПО СЛЕДУ ЛЬВА: Почему центральное медресе Самарканда несет на знаки “тигра-льва” и “человеколикого Солнца”? Как и кто в XVII веке решил отступить от табу ислама на изображение живых существ? Каков контекст “послания” Шер-Дора? Этим и другим тайнам, загадкам самаркандской истории посвящена настоящая экспедиция. На её маршруте – памятники XVII в., связанные с именами правителя Самарканда

Expedition “Ancient fortress of Boysun”

Экспедиция в Байсун состоялась 3-4 июля (выехала поездом из Ташкента вечером 2 июля (пт), вернулась обратно поездом утром 5 июля (пн)). Посетила места античных крепостных строений Узундара и Курганзол. Ночевка – гостевой дом  в Байсуне.

“АЛЕКСАНДР В МАРАКАНДЕ (329-328 гг. до н.э.)”

Первая рекогносцировочная экспедиция под флагом “Мараканды” состоялась 18 августа 2013 г. Объекты посещения экспедиции – кремль античного Самарканда (городище Афрасиаб), археологический музей и Институт археологии АН РУз. см. информацию об экспедиции в Facebook

“The Code of Omar Khayyam”

Route description: Samarkand (Shahi-Zinda, Afrasiyab, observatory) >Kafir Kala>Urgut>Kermine>Rabat-i-Malik>Hazara>Bukhara(Arch, Samanids Mausoleum, Shahristan)>Gijduvan>Vabkent>Paikend. Duration: 3-5-7 days, by Tour Bus. The heritage of Omar Khayyam, a poet and a philosopher, a mathematician and an astronomer, is shrouded in mystery and full of hidden meanings. The key to the code of his messages should be looked for in Samarkand

“Along the Roads of Buddhist monks”

The expedition tour is aimed to explore the Buddhist heritage of Uzbekistan, formed in the period from I c. BC. to the VII-VIII centuries., when  large Buddhist communities were active and  constructed churches, monasteries, holy mortars. This religious and cultural tradition emerged  from the south of India, through the activity of monks – preachers, Indo-Greek,

“The Great Silk Road: Sogdian Road”

Route description: Tashkent (Shash) > Zangi-ata>Kanka>Sardoba>Khavast>Zaamin>Bakhmal>Bulungur>Samarkand>Katta-Kurgan > Rabat-i-Malik > Paikend . Duration: 3-5-7 days, by Tour Bus + off-highway vehicles. A lot is known about the transcontinental civilizational trade traffic between the Far East and the Mediterranean, which received the name “Silk Road”. However, “behind the scenes” there remained the role of Sogdians, Sogdian  trading

“Textile Art of Uzbekistan: traditions of milleniums”

Route description: Tashkent > Samarkand > Urgut > Nurata > Gijduvan > Shafirkan >Bukhara  > Sitorai-Mohi-Hosa > Shahrisabz > Langar > Karshi. Duration: 3-5-7 days, by Tour Bus. The abundance of industrial goods is not contrary to the use in everyday life, home-decoration of handicrafts made by local artists, especially if they are made in

“Ancient Khorezm” – “Egypt” of Central Asia”

Deserts in the North of Uzbekistan preserve the remains of ancient cities, impressing with the power of castle constructions. These are the monuments of the three thousand years of culture of Khorezm – “Egypt” of Central Asia that flourishedthanks to the advanced irrigation system in the lower reaches of Amu Darya. The climate changed, the

“Along the Roads of Alexander the Great”

Route description:Termez>Kampyr-Tepa>Kurganzol>Uzundara>Baysun>Machay>Ak-Rabat>Langar>Shahrisabz >Karshi>Uzunkir>Karshi>Yerkurgan> Bukhara > Paikend > Nurata > Samarkand (Afrasiab) > Kok-Tepa. Transport: Train; Tour bus; Off-road vehicles. Marakanda Expedition invites you to the 4th annual international tourist expedition along the roads of Alexander the Great.  Members of the expedition of the tour will make a journey around the ancient lands of Sogdiana and

“Ceramics of Central Asia: Art and traditions”

Route description: Tashkent >Ferghana>Rishtan>Namangan>Andijan>Samarkand>Urgut>Gijduvan>Bukhara>Shahrisabz. Duration: 3-5-7 days, by Tour Bus. Top museums of the world are proud of masterpieces of the workmanship arts created in Uzbekistan soil: Afrasiab ceramics of IX-XII centuries, temurids’ ceramicsof XIV-XV centuries, ceramics of Rishtan and Gurumsaray of XIX and beginning of XX centuries, syuzanes of Tashkent, Shahrisabz, Samarkand and Bukhara,

“Architecture of Central Asia: Search for harmony”

Route of the expedition: “Tashkent >Khiva>Bukhara>Shahrisabz>Samarkand>Tashkent”.    The ancient and medieval architecture of Central Asia is one of the peaks of the world culture. Architectural monuments of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shahrisabz have preserved the principles, formulas, ideals of geometrical harmony of medievalarchitects. The expedition will see the best samples of Islamic and pre-Islamic architecture of

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