SAMARQAND (weekends in Marakand)

Регистан Самарканд Route description: Gur-Emir >Registan>the Ulugbek Observatory> mausoleum of the Prophet Daniel >Shahi-zinda>Archeological Museum >Bibi-KhanimMosque >Urgut, Imam Al-BukhariMemorial.

Duration: 2 days. Transport: first day- walking tour, second day- vehicles.

Due to the high-speed train and the international airport, Samarkand became not only the most famous, but also the most affordable tourist center of Uzbekistan. The two-day tour allows visitingthe main attractions in the boundaries of the walls of XIV century: the central square ofRegistan with Madrasahsof the XV and XVII centuries; Temurids’ necropolisGur-Emir, Rukhabadensemble, Juma-mosque of Amir Temur. Further the tour routegoes within the range of Afrasiab ancient settlements through the range ofShahi-Zindamausoleums, Hazret-Hizrmosque and the mausoleum of HodgyDaniyar (Prophet Daniel). Slightly to the North of theAfrasiab, there is a famous Ulugbek Observatory (XV c.).
It is advisable to devote the next day to visiting museums in Samarkand. Within a few hours it will be possible to see the museum of cultural history of Uzbekistan, museum offoundation of Samarqand (in Afrasiab) and a local history museum. In the remaining time there is an opportunityto visit the foothill town of Urgut, where on Sundays a big bazaar (market) operates with an extensive choice of handicraft products, or to see the memorial of the outstanding scholar of the Islamic culture, the author of the Hadith collection, Imam Al-Bukhary (IX c.) or to visit the mountain cave complex of KhazretDaud.
For walking tours there is a convenient campus boulevard and a parking area laid down in the late XIX and early XX centuries. Not far from the place, there is abig Orthodox church- the Alexis Cathedral. Before departure, tourists traditionally visit the old-city bazaar besidethe Bibi-Khanum mosque. Surely, theypurchase sweets, nuts, raisins, and above all, the unique Samarkand bread, which retain their freshness up to one week.

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