BUKHARA (Sunday tour)

медресе УлугбекаRoute Ddescription: Lyabi-Hauz>Magoki-attori>  Ulugbek and Abdulaziz  Madrasahs> Poi-Kolyan> Arch> Bolo-Hauz>Chashma-Ayub>SamanidsMausoleum>Sitorai-Mokhi-Hosa>NakshbandMemorial. 

Duration: 2 days. Transport: first day- walking tour, second day- vehicles (motor transport).

Another indispensable direction of tour to Uzbekistan –is the sacred Bukhara. For the scale of architectural compositions of the past, numerous ancient monuments, wholeness of ancient buildings, Bukhara is called “an open air museum”. Usually the tour starts with Lyabi-Hauz – the area around the reservoir of the same name,which borders on the ancient chanelShahrud,madrassah and hanakah ofNadira Divan-Begi(XVII c) and Kukeldash madrasah (XVI c.). At this place, which is nowsecular, there are popular restaurants, numerous retail shops and handicraft centers.

      From the “Dome of exchange” (Sarrafon) beside the oldest mosque Magoki-Attori (XII-XVI c.) you can pass to the central shopping side streetbetween “Telpac-Furushon”(headgear sellers’ dome) and “Zargaron”(jewelers’ dome). From the eastern side it is connected with two historical madrasahs: Ulugbek (XV c.) and Abdulaziz Khan (XVII), from the West – the Poi-Kalyanensemble with a minaret of the XII century. From here you can walk to the ancient Arch citadel, where there is a collection of Bukharaantiquities. To the west of the Arch, tourists are attracted by the mosque of Bukhara emirs Bolo-Hauz (XVIII c.), ChashmaAyubMausoleum with a holy spring(source) and an exquisite mausoleum of Samanids (IXc.).

It is recommended to devote the second day for attractions/sightseeing outside Bukhara: visit the country palace of Bukhara emirs Sitorai-Mohi-Hosa, the memorial of the famous Sufi Sheikh Baha ad-Din Nakshband, to see the second largest minaret of Bukhara Oasis in Vabkent and one more madrasah named after Ulugbek in Gijduvan. One of the most famous centers of traditional ceramics is also located there.

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