Route description: Tashkent (Shash) > Zangi-ata>Kanka>Sardoba>Khavast>Zaamin>Bakhmal>Bulungur>Samarkand>Katta-Kurgan > Rabat-i-Malik > Paikend .

Duration: 3-5-7 days, by Tour Bus + off-highway vehicles.

A lot is known about the transcontinental civilizational trade traffic between the Far East and the Mediterranean, which received the name “Silk Road”. However, “behind the scenes” there remained the role of Sogdians, Sogdian  trading houses, which organized the trade on this international route. Speaking in a modern language, they “built” all the logistics of the “Silk Road”, constructed trading stations, arranged guardsecurity, cash and commodity payment systems, etc.  To understand how it was all arranged it is worthy to take a trip through the roads and historic centers of ancient Sogd.

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