Route description: Tashkent > Samarkand > Urgut > Nurata > Gijduvan > Shafirkan >Bukhara  > Sitorai-Mohi-Hosa > Shahrisabz > Langar > Karshi.

Duration: 3-5-7 days, by Tour Bus.

The abundance of industrial goods is not contrary to the use in everyday life, home-decoration of handicrafts made by local artists, especially if they are made in the best traditions of Uzbek applied arts. In Uzbekistan, virtually in every house, even in city apartmentsyou can see the traditional ceramic or embossing metal utensils, knives, carpets or wall-embroidery, items decorated with carved or painted wood, etc.

         The range of modern Uzbek crafts is wide- from the folk art to exclusive works of hereditary masters. As far back as early XIX and beginning of XX centuries on the territory of Uzbekistan there existed whole workshops of craftsmen with their charters, feasts of patron, the apprenticeship system, rituals dedicated to masters. The best of them executed the orders of the Khans’ palaces and the Beks, manufacturedgoods for export. The samples of such products are exhibited in museums at present day.

The trip with a guide-expert through the main centers of decorative needlework (artistic embroidery), golden embroidery, carpet weaving of Uzbekistan together includes: visits to museums and workshops, acquaintancewith collections and modern artistic textile products.

Working languages- Russian and English.

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