Deserts in the North of Uzbekistan preserve the remains of ancient cities, impressing with the power of castle constructions. These are the monuments of the three thousand years of culture of Khorezm – “Egypt” of Central Asia that flourishedthanks to the advanced irrigation system in the lower reaches of Amu Darya. The climate changed, the water flow reducedand the channels dried up, thus the cities, fortresses and castles of Khorezmhave been swallowed by deserts. The expedition will visit the available sites of this ancient culture and get acquainted with its artifacts in museums.

Working languages- Russian and English.

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Working program of the expedition

Day 0: Tashkent_

Arrival of foreign participants.

Tour of Tashkent.Overnight stay- hotel in Tashkent.

Day 1: Tashkent- Nukus_

Acquaintance with the exposition of Ancient Khorezm in the State Museum of History of Uzbekistan.Multimedia presentation and dialogues with scientists “Ancient Khorezm”- “Egypt” of Central Asia.Transfer byflight “Tashkent →Nukus”.

Day 2: Nukus – Khodjeyli – Nukus_

Visit of exhibitions of Karakalpak  Art Museum named after I. Savitski.  Acquaintance with archeological collections of Karakalpak Research Institute of the Humanities.Transfer by auto vehicle   “Nukus – Khodjeyli”(24km.). Tour to theMizdakhkanarcheological complex (X-XIV centuries), Caravan-sarai and madrasah, medieval mausoleums of Nazlumkhan-Sulus and Shamoun-Nabi.Visit to the ancient fortress Giaour-kala (II-IV centuries). Transfer auto vehicle   “Khodjeyli – Nukus”(24km.). overnight stay – hotel in Nukus.

Day 3: Nukus – Ayaz-Kala_

Transfer by auto vehicle “ Nukus-Chilpik” (50 km) . Chilpik (Zoroastrian tower of silence).Transfer by auto vehicle “ Chilpick→Giaour-Kala ” (30km.). Giaour-Kala (Sultanizdag) transfer by auto vehicle   “Giaour-Kala →Janpick-Kala” (25km.). Janpick-Kala ancient settlement.  Biosphere Reserve “Baday Tugay”, Transfer by auto vehicle   “Janpick-Kala → Necropolis Sultan Uvays” (33km.). Transfer by auto vehicle   “Sultan Uvays→ Cornel-Kala” (15km.).  Kizil-Kala transfer by auto vehicle   “Kizil-Kala →Toprak-Kala” (10km.).  Toprak-Kala.transfer by auto vehicle “Toprak Kala →Ayaz-Kala”(35km). Overnight stay –stall or yurt camp   (Ayaz-Kala).

Day 4: Ayaz-Kala_

The Complex of Ayaz-Kala fortresses 1,2,3. transfer by auto vehicle “Ayaz-Kala → Kirk → Kiz-Kala” (16 km.).  Small and big Kirk-Kiz-Kala, transfer by auto vehicle “Kirk-Kiz-Kala →Kurgashin-kala” (14km).  Kurgashin-Kala.Transfer by auto vehicle “Kurgashin Kala →Ayaz-Kala” (30km). Overnight stay- stall or yurt camp (Ayaz-Kala).

Day 5 : Ayaz-Kala –  Kazakli-Yatkan – Khiva_

Transfer by car along the chain of ancient fortress buildings. Janbas-Kala – Koi-Krylgan-Kala – AngkaKala – Guldursun – Kazakli-Yatkan.Transfer by auto vehicle “Kazakli-Yatkan→Khiva”. Overnight stay- hotel in Khiva.

Day 6: Khiva – Khazarasp – Khiva_

Morning excursion ofKhiva (Dishan-Kala).Transfer by auto vehicle along the Khorezm region. Sightseeing of Khorezm region: fortress city Khazarasp- Ulli Hovli (Urgench district) – Uch Hovli (Khiva district). Overnight stay – hotel in Khiva.

Day 7: Khiva_

Excursion ofIchan-Kala.Visit to the exposition of Khorezmantiquity in Khiva museum. Transfer by auto vehicle “Khiva→Urgench” (37km). Transfer by plane “Urgench→Tashkent”.

Day 8: Tashkent_

Departure of foreign participants.

Registration on tour

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