KAMPYR-TEPA (Surkhandarya region, Uzbekistan), III-II century BC.

The ancient settlement Kampyr-tepa (III – II c. BC) is located on the right bank of the Amu Darya River (Surkhandarya region, Uzbekistan). Archaeological excavations are being conducted by Tokharistan scientific expedition led by Academician E.V. Rtveladze. The total area is about 4 hectares consists of three parts: the citadel (80 X 80 m), living area, fenced in 5 m fortifications, with rectangular towers and surrounded by a moat, and unfortified “suburb”. Wide area is fully revealed by the internal construction of the citadel, consisting of more than 100 rooms. There is founded a large architectural complex, included more than 20 rooms in the living area. There are also funeral structures were excavated in “suburb. There are coins of Seleucid, Greco-Bactrian and Kushan epochs; a terracotta complex, ceramics and unique Bactrian manuscripts on papyrus (the oldest manuscripts of Central Asia) dated from the first half of II century AD

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