The Madrasah of Abu-L-Kasym

In the southern part of the Old Tashkent near the Beshagach gate the madrasah of Abu-l-Kasym-sheikh is situated. Today it is located between Navoiy National park and the building of the Parliament (Oliy Majlis) of Uzbekistan. This madrasah of a traditional type was built in the middle of the 19th century when Tashkent was under the authority of the Kokand khanate. Originally the madrasah was single-storied, the second floor was added in the courtyard area. Its dimensions are as follows: 65×43 m, and the courtyard 28×22 m. A part of the architectural complex of the madrasah is Mui Muborak khanaka. The construction of the madrasah was initiated by the famous public figure ishan Abu-l-Kasym-sheikh (died in 1892). More than 150 students studied at the madrasah annually. The famous Uzbek writer Abdulla Kadyri studied at the madrasah at the beginning of the 20th century. The monument was restored in 1983. Presently the madrasah cells are workshops for popular folk crafts

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