The Kaffal-Shashi Mausoleum

Abubekr Muhammad Kaffal Shashi (903-976) – a famous scientist, expert on the Koran and hadiths, and one of the most respected Imams in the Muslin world was born in the land of Tashkent. According to historical information he was a disciple of the Arabian historian at-Tabari. Kaffal Shashi became well-known in Baghdad for his study of Islamic philosophy. At the end of his life he came back to his hometown Shash and when he died he was buried in a northern part of Shash. Sometime later people started honoring Kaffal Shashi as a holy patron of the town. Knowing the respect the Muslims of Tashkent held for the memory of the great Imam, in 1541-1542, under Sheybanids, there was erected a high-domed mausoleum over the grave of Kaffal Shashi. The architect’s name was Gulyam Huseyn. Some glazed bricks and majolica from the 16th century have been preserved in the decoration. In the 20th century the first muftis of Central Asian Department of Muslims, Eshon and Ziya ad-Din Babakhanovs were buried in this mausoleum.

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