Mausoleum of Zayn Ad-Din Bobo

One of the most esteemed Central Asian Sufi monuments – the mausoleum of Zayn ad-Din Bobo is situated on a flat hill, deep in the Tashkent cemetery of Vilayat. It was constructed in the first half of the 16th century. It is the burial place of sheikh Zayn ad-Din Kui Arifani, the son of sheikh Shihab ad-Din as-Sukhravardi who was a head of Baghdad Sufis in the early 13th century. Zayn ad-Din founded in Tashkent the first khanaka of the Sufi school “Sukhravardiya” which soon extended all over Central Asia. Amir Temur’s religious teacher Shams ad-Din Kulyal belonged to this school. Close to the mausoleum there is a construction that is solely for prayer during fasting time, a chillyakhana, built in the 12th century. It consists of underground and elevated domed rooms with the holes on the top arranged in such a way that the sun rays can reach the cellar room only at the time of the solstice. Probably that was the place of school itself, Zayn ad-Din bobo khanaka. The Sufis of that school had a profound knowledge of astronomy and studied the sky.

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