Kukeldash Madrasah

The Kukeldash madrasah was built in the center of Old Tashkent during the 1560s. It was constructed on a high hill by a Vizier (minister) of the Sheybanid Sultans of Tashkent named Kukeldash (the foster brother of a khan). The construction was built at the edge of the medieval shahristan and that is why it was considerably raised above the street which was at the same level with the ancient moat. The madrasah has a large yard which is surrounded by hudjras with a classroom and a mosque in the corners. The domes over the mosque and the classrooms were taken apart for bricks in 1830-1831. In the 19th century the madrasah was used by Kokand khans as a fortress and it is a known fact that in 1860 Tashkent rebels were fired on from it. The top parapet of the mosque was also used as an execution place; criminals were thrown from it. The portal was seriously destroyed by the earthquakes in 1866, 1868 and 1886. The portal of the madrasah was restored in the 1950s-1960s and still has some details of 16th century tile work.

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