Hast Imam

When the Kaffal-Shashi mausoleum and the madrasah of Barak-khan were built in the middle of the 16th century in the northern part of Tashkent, the memorial ensemble named Hazreti or Hast Imam arose. In the 19th century the Kokand khans gave a great gift to the development of the ensemble. Then Mirza Ahmed Kushbeghi built the Mui Muborak madrasah and next to it the Djuma-Mosque of Tillya-sheikh to the east of the madrasah Barak-khan. Near the Kaffal-Shashi mausoleum, the Namazgoh mosque was constructed. In the early 21st century the Hazreti Imam ensemble got its new architectural decoration with the monumental east entrance complex with minarets. To the north of it a new building for the Uzbekistan Religious Department of Muslims was constructed. The world famous Koran of Caliph Osman is a priceless relic of their library. It contains the original text of the Koran, written down in the 7th century. It was kept in the treasure houses of Caliphs in Medina, Damask and Baghdad. Amir Temur brought it to Maverannahr.

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