Mausoleum of Shams Ad-Din Kulyal

Sheikh Kulyal belonged to the school of “Sukhravardiyya” and lived and preached in Karshi and Kesh for a long time. He enjoyed a great reputation in Barlas’s principality and was the one who introduced Islam to the Chagatay tribes in the south of Maverannahr. Sahibkiran’s father Muhammad Taragay was Kulyal’s disciple, and Kulyal naturally became a mentor to young Temur. There is a legend saying that sheikh Kulyal was the first to inspire Amir Temur to become the Lord of the World. Sheikh Kulyal did not live up to the time when Amir Temur was proclaimed Supreme Ruler, but among the first buildings erected by Sahibkiran after coming to power, was the mausoleum of Kulyal in Kesh. Later Temur’s father was reburied next to Kulyal. The Temurid mausoleum of the 14th century near Kok-Gumbaz mosque was identified with Sheikh Kulyal only in the second half of the 20th century. There is no direct evidence of that. By the 20th century only the walls, some marble gravestones and a carved wooden front door remained, with no information about the buried person.

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