Malik-Adjar Mosque

Malik-Adjar is situated among apartment houses in the northwestern part of Shakhrisabz’s historical center. According to a legend it arose near a tomb of the Arabian commander Mali-Adjar who took part in the conquest of Kesh with Caliphate troops in the 8th century. The type of portal, flanked by three-quarter cylindrical columns with little fluted domes, and the painted ceilings of the aivans makes it very close to Hazret-Hyzr mosque, madrasah and mosques of Rukhabad in Samarkand. Then it can probably be dated to the 19th century, being the last building in the place where a mosque stood a thousand years ago. Along the perimeter of the Malik-Adjar mosque there are hudjras, covered with small domes, showing that in the past the mosque acted as madrasah. Malik-Adjar has a classical composition of Islamic cultic construction. It symbolizes basic elements of the universe: the terrestrial house for praying, the greens of the trees, the water of the “hauz”, the dome going to the sky, the columns of the aivan and a minaret.

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