Hazreti-Imam Mosque

The mosque with a winter dome and summer aivan on wooden columns was built on the north side of the preserved mausoleum of Dor as-Siadat . This mosque was built not so long ago – in the 19th-early 20th centuries and today it is one of the district mosques of Shahrisabz. The memorial mosque, madrasah and khanaka as parts of the religious complex of Dor as-Siadat could have been there in the past. In national tradition the mausoleum and mosque are called Hazreti-Imam, not linking it to a particular historical person. According to one version it could be a well-known imam of the 9th century, Abu Abdallah Muhammad ibn Nasr al-Keshi, whose name is mentioned on the carved door installed there in the 19th century. He was known as the author of a book of hadiths, commentaries on the Koran, and law writings. As it always occurred, next to the tomb of the Imam there arose a cultic place of Islamic tradition, which was later used by the Temurids. When Dor as-Siadat came to ruins, the memory of Imam al-Keshi as a patron of city was restored

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