Gumbazi Seidon

Decorating Dor at-Tilavat memorial, Mirzo Ulugbek erected another one portal-domical mausoleum to the south of Kulyal mausoleum. It was meant for keeping dead members of the Temurid dynasty and was named “Makbarat of Ulugbek”. However, some time later several religious figures were buried there. They were somehow connected with the life of the Temurid dynasty and their structures in Shahrisabz. Marble gravestones of 15th-17th centuries bear the names of Termez seyids. Some leaders of this well-known spiritual dynasty, moved to Shakhrisabz in those years. Hence the new name of the memorial – Gumbazi Seidon (“Dome of seyids”). The portals of the mausoleums were also faced at that time. The interior was decorated with murals on the walls and dome. In the 17th century a khanaka was built to the eastern part of the mausoleum of 1370s. The entrances to the mausoleums were altered so that the passage to both Gumbazi Seidon and khanaka was through the old mausoleum. The khanaka was dismantled in the middle of the 20th century.

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