Dor As-Siadat

Amir Temur‘s eldest son Djehanghir died in 1376 and Temur decided to create a great necropolis for his family. He chose Shahrisabz and the grandiose memorial was under construction for 25 years next to Dor at-Tilyavat. It was named Dor as-Siadat (“the House of Power” or “Abode of Might”). In this “last home” of the Temurids Sahibkiran buried Djehanghir and his second son Omar Sheikh. Of the whole memorial there survived only a high mausoleum with a tent dome. The most wide-spread version connects the safe mausoleum with Djehanghir’s name. The surveys and archeological excavations carried out have revealed that the mausoleum was a part of the northern pylon of a huge arch portal, comparable in size with Aq-Sarai portal. The southern pylon, which also had to be a mausoleum, has not survived.

The tent dome of the mausoleum hints that the complex was built with the assistance of architects and artisans from Khorezm. Its interior is decorated with modeled stalactites and ornamental epigraphic painting. In the memorial behind the portal there was a closed yard on the perimeter of which the mausoleums were placed.

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