City Walls

Amir Temur made Shakhrisabz (Kesh) a city-fortress, protected by high walls made of clay and mud bricks. A very minor portion of them have been preserved. But even that small part allows us to say that they were equal to the walls of Ichan-Qala and Bukhara Ark citadel. The walls were 8-9 m. thick (at the bottom) and 11 m high. In every 50 m. of the walls there were erected semi-cylindrical towers (burdjs). Under them there was dug a deep ditch filled with water. From the inner side defenders climbed the crest of the wall by stairs. Four gates led to the city: Northern – Samarkand, Western – Bukhara, southern – Charymgar, western – Kukchikar. Each of the gates was a small fortress equipped with a drawbridge over the moat. The wall of the city withstood many sieges and retained its military importance up until the 18th-19th centuries, when Shakhrisabz rulers conducted numerous wars against Bukhara amirs.

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