Chubin Madrasah

The old Chubin madrasah stands in the northern part of Shakhrisabz at the beginning of a large square, leading to the Amir Temur monument and the towers of Aq-Sarai portal. This is the largest city madrasah. It was built of burnt brick at the end of the 17th century and it is made up of a mosque (khanaka), classrooms (darskhana) and hudjras for pupils. The mosque and darskhana are covered by large domes, the hudjras by small domes. The madrasah’s interiors are decorated with ganch. Chubin was restored in 1994-1996. Today it is the Shakhrisabz museum of history. The exhibits have been collected for the last one and half centuries, including those from archeological excavations. A large model of the city in the time of Temurids is in one of the rooms. Among the unique exhibits is a14th century carved wooden door from Dor at-Tilyavat complex. Another relic find of the museum is an early medieval Zoroastrian ossuary, found near Shakhrisabz. It depicts scenes illustrating the stories of “Avesta”.

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