A large medieval trading construction stands in the central part of Shahrisabz near the present-day city bazaar. Chorsu is a covered market. It is located in the place where in the Middle Ages, the two main streets of the city crossed, connecting the northern gates to the southern and the western gates to the eastern. Architecturally it looks like Chorsu trading passage near Registan in Samarkand and domical trading constructions (“Toki”) in Bukhara and Khiva. They were to create a shopping area protected from the sun and rain. Chorsu in Shakhrisabz, as well as all the market buildings in other cities was built of burnt brick without decorative furnish. The central octagonal hall of the market is covered with a high dome. Four corridors going from the high dome are covered with small domes. The entrances to all four sides have portals.

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