The Ruhabad Mausoleum

According to the words of Arabian traveler Ibn Battuta in the 1340s the head of Muslims in Peking, which was the capital of Mongolian Chinese empire, was Central Asian sheikh Byrhan ad-Din Sagarji. It is known that the sheikh belonged to “Suhravardiya” Sufi tradition and for some time preached Islam in Eastern Turkistan. Before Battuta met him in Sufi khanakas in India. When sheikh Sagarji died his son Abu Said brought his body to Samarkand, obeying his father’s last will. He buried him close to the grave of Samarkand sheikh Basir, who during his lifetime had the highest status of “kutb” (“the pole”) in the Sufi hierarchy. Abu Said stayed in Samarkand and became one of the chief religious tutors of Amir Temur. By the will of Sahibkiran there was erected a mausoleum over the grave of sheikh Burhan ad-Din Sagarji which got the name Ruhabad – “the house of spirit”. The existing dome of the mausoleum is an inner dome. There was very likely an outside dome, which might have been ruined or never constructed.

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