Temurid Mausoleums

In the time of Amir Temur, among the mausoleums of Shahi-Zinda there was built a necropolis for the women of his family. When in 1372 Shadi-Mulk died (the daughter of Temur’s elder sister Kutlug-Turkan-aga) a mausoleum with a ridge dome and a beautiful portal, trimmed with carved majolica was erected at the old wall. Kutlug-Turkan-aga died in 1383 and was buried in the same mausoleum. When Temur’s younger sister, Shirin-bek-aga, died in 1386 there was built for her the most refined mausoleum. Its portal was decorated with inlaid sapphire-blue cashin mosaics. It also has quotations from Socrates. Among other moral teachings there is a quote: “Indeed people in this world are like birds rejoicing … and this world is like a snare with bait placed in it”. One of Amir Temur’s confidants Amir Hussein built a mausoleum for his mother Tuglu-Tekin next to these mausoleums. In that period there also was erected the mausoleum of Amir-Zade. The portals of these mausoleums were decorated with carved glazed terracotta and painted majolica.

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