The necropolis of outstanding Sunni theologian Imam Muhammad al-Bukhari was built near Samarkand. With his phenomenal memory, al-Bukhari spent his life studying hadiths – the stories about the Prophet. Having performed the hajj in his youth, al-Bukhari stayed in Hidjaz, where he collected a set of biographies of tellers of hadiths. While collecting the hadiths, the Imam was in Egypt, Iraq, Khurasan. One of the famous sayings of Imam al-Bukhari states: “He who has received knowledge, has received an inheritance from the Prophet” At the end of his life Al-Bukhari returned to his homeland, where he died in 870 in a village Hartang near Samarkand. His work resulted in a summa of hadiths – “Al-Djami as-Sahih”, which was canonized in the 10th century as the main hadith anthology in the Sunni tradition. In the 16th century a small mausoleum and mosque were built above the tomb of Imam Al-Bukhari. In connection with 1225th anniversary of imam Al-Bukhari the new memorial complex was built in 1998 at the site of the old mausoleum.

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