Mausoleum of Kusam Ibn Abbas

The base of Kusam ibn Abbas mausoleum consists of constructions dated to the 11th century. First of all it is a small dome tomb. The ceramic stepped gravestone which was installed during Amir Temur’s time in the 1480s, occupies almost half of its area. The third step was decorated with citation from the Koran explaining the name of the necropolis: “Never consider dead those who were killed on the way of Allah. No, they are alive”. Scientific surveys of the tombs have revealed a grave of a man of mature age, dating back to the 11th-12th centuries. Nearby there are the remains of burials from the 10th-11th centuries. At least a few centuries separate the time of these burials with the time of Kusam ibn Abbas’s death. The names of the persons and reasons for their burial in such an honored place remain a secret. Near the tomb there is a big memorial room with a mihrab in the western wall. There is a room for forty-day sole prayer made under its floor. A small minaret of the 11th century is situated at the entrance.

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