Madrasah and Mausoleum of Bibi-Khanym

The big madrasah built near the cathedral mosque stood there till the middle of the 18th century. It was named Bibi-Khanym. That was the name of Sarai-Mulk-Khanym, the daughter of Kazan-khan from Chingizids (1343–1346). When Amir Temur married this woman he received the honorable title of “Guragan” – “khan’s son-in-law”. Originally the madrasah’s portal was so large that it could compete with the cathedral mosque. So Temur ordered it to be reconstructed. The madrasah was destroyed  by Nodir–shah’s troops in 1740. On the central axis of madrasah there is the only preserved structure of a mausoleum which is the tomb of Sarai-Mulk-Khanym’s mother and two other women from her family. This is a high octahedral structure with a cylindrical drum and Kufi inscriptions. The interior is decorated with mosaics and vegetative ornaments including landscapes of the Paradise garden. By the 20th century the dome of the mausoleum had been crushed so it had to be fully restored.

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