Ishratkhana Mausoleum

Ishratkhana Mausoleum was built near Abdi-Darun Mazar to the south-east of Samarkand’s Firuza gates, in the place of the famous Temurid Garden Bagi-Firuza This building has complex architecture, dating back to the second half of the 15th century. It suffered greatly in its history, and was not restored. The building has a big portal and a high central hall, the dome of which existed till the beginning of the 20th century. It contains a crypt with twenty three female and children’s tombs under the floor. Mosaics, wall painting and plafonds decorate its interior. Ishratkhana means “house of enjoyment” which expresses the idea of an eternal home for heavenly life. Some scientists suggest that Ishratkhana was originally one of Temurids’ country palaces. The mausoleum is a necropolis for Temurid women and children. A possible patron for Ishratkhana might be Habiba Sultan-begim – Abu Sa’id’s wife, who constructed the mausoleum for her daughter Havend-Sultan-bika.

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