Dakhma of Sheybanids

The Chingizid dynasty of the Sheybanids reigned in Samarkand in the 16th century. Trying to surpass the Temurids, Sheybanids built several major madrasah in the centre of Samarkand. The first, Aliya madrasah was built to the north-east of Registan, on the orders of the founder of the dynasty Sheybani-khan. Haniya madrasah was built opposite to it. Under Kuchkunchi-khan, Abu-Said-khan madrasah was constructed to the south of Registan. Time did not spare the Sheybanid’s buildings. Only the funeral dakhma of the Sheybanids has survived. This elevated structure, faced with marble is situated between Tillya-Kari and Sher-Dor. In 1510 in the dakhma of the Alia madrasah Sheybani-khan was entombed. Then other Sheybanids were also buried there. Dakhma was moved several times and got to its present location in the twentieth century. It preserved the tombs of the Sheybanid sultans: Mahmud (died in1503-1504), Mahdi and Hamza (died in 1511) Kutlug Muhammad (died in 1545) Abdulhair (died in 1517), Edgar (died in 1523), Suyung Muhammad (died in 1586).

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