Aq-Sarai Mausoleum

Mausoleum Aq-Sarai (“White Palace”) is situated to the south-east of the Gur-Emir surrounded by apartment houses. It got its name after the palace of Temur’s grandson and successor Muhammad Sultan. In the Turkic tradition the main palace was called Blue (Kuk), and the second – White (Aq). It is believed to be the last Samarkand Temurids’ male family crypt built in 1460-1470 years, when Gur-Emir exhausted its spaceplace for dynastic members’ burials. Most likely the person who ordered the mausoleum to be built was Temurid ruler Abu Said (1451-1468/9), who captured Khurasan and moved the capital to Herat in 1457.He was not buried there, as he was killed in a battle in Azerbaijan. The mausoleum has an underground octahedral crypt. In its eastern wall there is a special niche containing a decapitated person. According to one version it is the grave of Ulugbek’s son Abdullatif (1449-1450). There is a proposal that the tomb was built in the beginning of the 15th century and Muhammad-Sultan was temporary buried there while Gur-Emir was under construction.

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