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General information about Uzbekistan.

Area: 447.4 thousand square km.

Population: 31.0 million summ/ Consistency of the population: Uzbek 80%, Russian 5.5%, Tajiks 5%, Kazakhs 5%, Tatars 1.5%.

Administrative divisions: 12 regions, 1 autonomous republic  (Karakalpakstan).

Capital: Tashkent (over 2.5 million inhabitants).

Religion: Main religion- Islam, along with the living believers in Uzbekistan almost all the world’s religions and their denominations.

Time: GMT + 5 hours.


Electricity: 220 V AC, 50 A; standard two-pin plug socket.
Internet zone:uz.


The Republic of Uzbekistan is located in Central Asia, between two rivers – the Amudarya and Syrdarya. In the north-west of the country is located Turan lowland and the mountains of Tien-Shan, and in the south-east – the mountain ranges of the Pamir-Alai. Kyzylkum Desert is situated in the north. Uzbekistan borders with Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan.



Uzbekistan is known around the world as a country with a long hot summers and short winters. Climate is sharply continental. The difference in temperature depends on the time of year, time of day and the terrain (mountains, plains, deserts) is quite significant.

Summer – scorching, dry. The hottest time of the summer is traditionally considered as “chilli” ( “sorokodnevki”) – from June 25 to August 5. At this time, the average air temperature in the plains during the day warms up to 35-37 degrees C. However, the thermometer often surpasses 40 degrees C. Winter – warm and relatively little snow with unstable weather and cloudy. Frequent days with strong frosts.Average daytime temperatures around 0 ° C, and at night -8-10 degrees C.


Uzbek language – the official language of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the language of interethnic communication. A large part, especially in urban areas, the population can speak Russian.


If your tour around Uzbekistan includes a visit to mosques, mausoleums, it would be appropriate to show respect for local customs, to cover head (men and women) and to wear clothes that cover the knees. Of course,generallythere are no strict requirements for the guests, butthe tact and respectis highly appreciated. If you do not know how to behave in a particular situation, ask your tour guide or escort.


For entry into the Republic of Uzbekistan, foreign citizens must have a visa. To obtain it, you should contact the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Uzbekistan in your country.

For the citizens of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan (up to 60 days), Moldova, Ukraine visa is not required, but need a valid at the time of entry and exit from Uzbekistan passport.

Before the trip to the Republic of Uzbekistan, ensure that the validity of your passport and visa are not overdue.

Customs control at the entrance.

On the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan for tourists subject to the laws and regulations of Uzbekistan.

At the entrance you have to fill out a customs declaration in duplicate. It is important to specify the amount of each type of movable cash currency, as well as to specify all valuables, including expensive items such as jewelry, electronics and photographic equipment. One copy of the customs declaration with the press remains a tourist. It is strongly recommended that you save before leaving, as of Uzbekistan allowed to take out valuables and foreign currency only in the amount specified in the customs declaration upon entry. This copy of the customs declaration is available on request customs officers when leaving the country.

It is forbidden to import:

– Pornographic and propagating the cult of violence or cruelty productions

– Materials of religious content for distribution.

Permission is granted to import and export medicines and medical products without stating registration and without customs clearance if they are intended for:

– Personal use by individuals during their stay in the country;

– The treatment of patients living in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad, on the basis of medical evidence, confirmed by a medical institution, within the course of treatment.

Customs control at the exit.

When leaving it is must to fill out one copy of the customs declaration. If the amount of exported currency exceeds the amount of imported by the declaration, it will be necessary to prove the source of the money (ATM receipts or any other bank documents). If the source can not be proven, the money has to beleft Uzbekistan. Customs employee has the right to demand tourist to show cash currency and to ensure the accuracy of the amount specified in the declaration.

        Exportation of products relating to cultural values, is only possible after passing the examination. On the necessity of carrying out examination of objects of culture and art, acquired during the period ofstanding in the Republic of Uzbekistan, can beclarified from the guide.

Cultural property created by fifty or more years ago, may not be exported from the Republic of Uzbekistan. Violators will be fined and the antiques will be confiscated.

 For security purposes, it is prohibited to carry on board liquids in hand- luggage (including perfumes and cosmetic creams), easy-flammable or sharp objects (knives, scissors, nail files …). All batteries and rechargeable batteries (as well as lighters and matches) must be submitted together with the other luggage. On a personal inspection of all of the objects mentioned above will be confiscated.

        For more information about Customs regulations in the Republic of Uzbekistan can be inquired from the guide or our company employees. If customs regulation rules on the border of Uzbekistan are noncompliance, our company is not responsible for the operation of border and customs authorities.

On departure from Uzbekistan the period of validity of the visa in the passport is critical. If it has expired before the date of departure, upon departure at the airport can be fined up to $ 3,000.


All cash payments are made by the national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan – SOM. Foreign currency can be exchanged at banks and exchange offices located in airports, train stations and major markets. Preferred currency is the US dollar and the Euro. In provincial countries the currency exchange is problematic, we recommend to do it in Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara, if on the way, ask for help from your guideon this matter. Credit cards like VISA, MASTER CARD are accepted in many major banks, hotels, shops and restaurants.

Attention! The import of currency of any kind is unlimited, but the export – not larger from imported and the declared amount – will be checked on departure from Uzbekistan. Cash currency, in excess of the amountfrom the imported sum, specified in the customs declaration shall be confiscated by the customs authorities when entering the country.

Undeclared cash currency resources and values ​​are also subjected to the confiscation. Cash currency of any kind available on the bank plastic cards (VISA, MASTER CARD, etc.) are not subjected to declaration.

Temporary registration and registration.

Every foreigner upon arrival in Uzbekistan should be registered within 72 hours. When staying in a hotel, registration is made by the administration of the hotel, which will provide a registration form. It must be permanently stored in the passport and by the request be presented to representatives of official bodies, including the immigration officer at the airport before departure.


If you’re behind the group and got into a critical situation – immediately contact the police and ask to destine you to the consulate, where you have to be helped.

      The belongings can be safely left in the hotel room.Money and documents are better to render to a locker at the hotel. In order not to attract pickpockets, it is better not to carry large cash or to allocate money to different pockets.

Going on a trip to Uzbekistan, be sure to assemble a first aid kit:

– Peroxide, iodine, etc .;

– Bandages, adhesive plasters;

– Medicines for preventing gastro-intestinal disorders;

– Medicines for preventing colds, antibiotics;

– Analgesics, antipyretics.

The list can be continued according to the individual characteristics of the organism.

Telephone communications.

The international dialing code of Uzbekistan – 998. The algorithm of long distance calls or calls to mobile communications within Uzbekistan: +998 – city code or operator code – subscriber’s phone number. Codes of tourist centers: Tashkent- 71, Samarkand- 62, Bukhara – 65, Khiva – 62, Shakhrisabz – 75, Termez – 76.

Mobile connection.

Currently, there are 5 mobile operators in Uzbekistan: Beeline (codes- 90, 91), Ucell (93), UMS (97), Uzmobile (95), Perfectum Mobile (98). It is possible to connect at the company offices as well as at Paynet items. To do this, You must provide a passport and a quittance of registration. Roaming is much more expensive.

We wish you an enjoyable holiday and a strong health with all heart!

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