Minaret of Djuma-Mosque


An austere brick minaret with simple belts of décor stands at the north wall of Djuma-Mosque. It occupies central position inside Ichan-Qala. The diameter of the minaret of Djuma-Mosque is 6.2 m. at the base and it is 32.5 m. high. The top is crowned with an 8-arch lantern decorated with a stalactite cornice and dome. The minaret was built on the site of an older minaret that collapsed in the 17th century. The construction of the minaret, as well as the construction (or reconstruction) of Djuma-Mosque, was carried out by the major dignitary Abdurrahman Mihtari at the end of the 18th century with the blessing of the ruler of Khiva Evez Muhammad-inak (1790-1804). A curious fact draws people’s attention – the five Khiva’s minarets are erected on the same line of “East-West” (the line of motion of the Sun), about 200 m in distance from each other. The minaret of Djuma-Mosque is in the middle. To the west of it Kalta-Minor  Minaret and the one of the complex of Sha-Kalandar Bobo. To the east  the minaret of Seyid-biy mosque  and the minaret of Palvan-kari.

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