Madrasahs of Arab-Khan and Muhammad-Amin-Inak

Two historical madrasah are situated in the center of Ichan-Qala to the left of the road going from Ata-Darvaza gates to Palvan-Darvaza. The first is connected with Chingizid Arab Muhammad-khan (1602-1623), father of the historian Abu-l-Ghazi-khan, and the second relates to Muhammad Amin-inak (1763/70-1790). The Arab-khan Madrasah was built in 1616 to commemorate the transfer of Khorezm’s capital from Kunya-Urgench to Khiva. Originally it was a modest one-story frame building, which preserved a few wooden columns and patterned ceilings (the fragments are stored in the Tash-Hauli museum). The present brick building was built on the site of an old madrasah in the reign of Allakuli-khan in 1838. The construction of Muhammad-Amin-inak madrasah dates to the second half of the 18th century. There is a burial inside of the pylon of the southern yard aivan. According to a legend, either Muhammad Amin-inak is buried there, or his young son, Kutlu-Marat-bala, who was killed in the struggle for the throne.

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