Madrasah of Kutlug-Murad-Inak and Abdullah-Khan

Madrasah of Kutlug-Murad-inak is located opposite to Madrasah of Allakuli-khan. A powerful member of Khan’s family Kutlug-Murad-inak, brother of Muhammad Rahim Khan I, constructed the madrasah in 1804-1812. He bequeathed to be buried in the madrasah. As Kutlug-Murad-inak died outside the city and customs prohibited the carrying of the dead through Ichan-Qala gates or wall, the city wall was broken to bury him. Kutlug- Murad-inak’s burial is under the floor of the central lobby. Madrasah of Kutlug-Murad-inak was the first two-storied madrasah in Khiva. Only this monument in Khiva is decorated with relief unglazed terracotta. In the courtyard of Kutlug-Murad-inak there was a tented well and all the people of the city used its water. Madrasah of Abdullah-khan is located to the south of Kutlug-Murad-inak Madrasah. It was built by the wife of Kutlug-Murad-inak in honor of their 17-year-old son Abdullah killed in a battle with the Turkmens (probably, at the same time as Muhammad-Amin-khan).

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