Madrasah of Khurdjum and Allakuli-Khan

2.4.1Madrasah of Khodjamberdy-biy was the first madrasah built at the eastern gates of Pahlavan Darvaza and dates back to 1688. One and a half centuries later, the Khan of Khiva Allakuli-khan chose that place for the construction of a new madrasah. A segment of Ichan-Qala wall was dismantled as the construction site of Alakuli-khan Madrasah was too close. Old Khodjamberdy-biy madrasah was radically reconstructed. The first was as it formed a foundation for Madrasah of Allakuli-khan because of significant difference of floor levels. The ramp bisected Khodjamberdy-biy Madrasah. Its new name – Madrasah of Khurdjum (“Saddlebag”) follows from that. Allakuli-khan provided the new madrasah with rich revenues – 9 thousand hectares of irrigated land, the northern tim (shopping mall) and Allakuli-khan caravanserai were granted as vaqf. In the southern part of the portal there is a mosque, in the northern a darskhana. In several hudjras above the portal Allakuli-khan founded a library, which was open for students from all the Khiva madrasah.



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