Complex of Seyid-Biy and Minaret of Palvan-Kari

Another Allakuli’s merits was the construction of a wall around outer city of Khiva – Dishan-Qala. According to Agakhi, this wall, 5.6 km long was built by 200 thousand people within 3 years. That protected the urban areas from the warlike Turkmens. Dishan-Qala, being a younger part of Khiva retained only a few historical monuments. One of them is a small religious complex at the gate of Palvan-Darvaza. It was built in the time of Allakuli-khan by a rich merchant Seyid Sheliker-biy. That consists of a nine-dome mosque, two-storied madrasah and minaret. The old wooden columns of the mosque were taken from some buildings of the 18th-19th centuries. The height of Sheliker-biy minaret is more than 30 m. and it is crowned with a stalactite cornice and arch lantern. Next on the same street, going from Palvan-Darvaza to the outer gates of Dishan-Qala there stands stands Palvan-Kari  minaret (late 19th-early 20th century), decorated with belts of figured brickwork and tiles of green glaze.

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