Chadra-Hauli is an old high-rise building, located far from city’s vanity and surrounded by orchards. It dates back to the 17th-19th centuries and was a rest home for the Khiva khans who liked to come here in the hot summer season. .There is no information on which of the khans built and used Chadra-Hauli. This palace structure is a vanished type of Khorezm tower residential construction, made of clay blocks (pahsa). The closest to it in style is Aq-Sheikh-bobo tower in Kunya-Ark. The general size of this unique structure is 16,5 x7,7 m. and its height is more than 30 m. Due to the elevated location, the rooms were well aerated by the summer winds and stayed relatively cool. On the ground floor of this construction there were a stable and warehouses. Other floors were occupied by living rooms and an open terrace (aivan). The woman’s half of the building was on the fourth floor. The floors were connected by a removable ladder.

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