Aq-Mosque (“White Mosque”) was built by order of Anusha-khan (1663-1687) in the middle of the 17th century. It is a small district mosque situated by the Palvan-Darvaza gates. The winter building of the mosque (khanaka) with a white sphere-conical dome is 13×9 m. On three sides there are khanaka aivans with wooden columns, which serve as a summer mosque. The name “Aq (White)” can mean not only the color but also the status of an important mosque, located in the main street of Ichan-Qala. Aq-Mosque mosque shows Khorezm’s geographical feature connected with a place for mihrab niche, which has to face Kibla, that is Mecca. If in Samarkand, Bukhara, Termez and other southern cities mihrab is on the western side, in all Khorezmian mosques, including Aq-Mosque, mihrabs face south. The windows of the mosque are decorated with ganch openwork lattice. The doors are covered with ornamental carvings and epigraphic text with the names of Khiva masters Nur Muhammad and Qalandar, and the years of installment – 1838 and 1842.

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