Anusha-Khan’s Bathhouses


1.3.1The Bathhouses of Anusha-khan are located near Aq-Mosque. They supposed to be built in honor of Anush-khan by his father – famous historian Abu-l-Ghazi-khan (1644-1664). They were given to Aq-Mosque as vaqf, that is the revenues were to support the mosque. Anusha-khan bathhouses are most interesting in their heating, water-supply and sewerage systems. Like other oriental bathhouses, this semi-underground structure consists of a lobby, cloakrooms and washing rooms. It is heated through flues laid under the floor. Built deep in the ground, the bath houses had a better prospect of retaining heat. The heat input, including that for the water heating is provided by a boiler room. The bathroom facilities are connected by narrow vaulted passages, so the temperature of walls and the floor in the next room is higher than in the previous one. Only domes with sky-lights are visible from the outside. By the middle of the 20th century they were in a dilapidated condition and have been restored.



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