Vabkent Minaret

A minaret named after the spiritual ruler of Bukhara, Sadr Burhan ad-Din Abd al-Aziz was constructed at the end of the 12th century in Vabkent. The minaret was the second largest in Bukhara oasis and became a part of the Friday mosque. The similarity of architectural solutions suggests that it could have been built by one of the students of Bako – the architect of the Kalyan minaret. It is a more slender brick tower 39 m. high, 6.2 m. in diameter at the base and 2.8 m. at the top. Vabkent minaret, as well as Kalyan is crowned with an elegant arched structure, called a “lamp” by analogy with a lighthouse (“minaret” is derived from Arabian “manāra” – a place of burning fire, lighthouse). The trunk of the minaret is faced with doubled brick work, has 8 narrow belts of ornaments and Islamic epigraphic texts. The base of the lantern is decorated with.

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