Mausoleum Of Sheikh Boharzi

Sheikh Seif ad-Din Boharzi (died in 1261) was a pupil of outstanding Khorezm Sufi Nadjm ad-Din Qubro (died in 1220). Sheikh Boharzi was famous for converting Golden Horde’s khan Berke to Islam. In the middle of 13th century he headed Bukhara madrasah, established by Ma’sud-beg, Mongolian Muslim minister. After death the Sheikh was buried in Fatkhabad district near Bukhara. At the end of the 13th century a mausoleum was built above his tomb. A dome building of khanaka with portal was attached to the mausoleum in the 14 th century. There is a mausoleum near the khanaka. It belongs to Boharzi’s follower Chagatay khan Buyan Kuli (died in 1358). In the past it was a refined structure decorated with carved terracotta of blue, dark blue and white tones.

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