Madrasah of Abd al-Aziz-khan

Opposite to Ulugbek madrasah in Bukhara there stands a large madrasah, built in 1651-1652 by order of Ashtarkhanid Abd al-Aziz-khan. This khan was famous for his victory over the Great Mughal Indian army, which was expelled from Balkh. Building a madrasah, Abd al-Aziz followed the Bukhara khans’ tradition of leaving a new Islamic school after their rule. The prototype for Abd al-Aziz-khan madrasah was Miri-Arab madrasah: with a high portal, two dome halls in the frontal part, four aivans in the yard and round towers at the corners. The size of the madrasah is 60×48 m. A darskhana is in its northeast corner and a winter mosque is in the northwest. The summer mosque with a mihrab is located in the southern aivan. The interior has stalactites and complex sails. The decor presents a wide use of painting, mosaic and majolica panels with pictures of flowering shrubs in vases, fantastic serpentine creatures, and others. On the sides of the main portal there are fabulous pictures of birds flying to the sun.


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