Gijduvani Memorial Complex

Khodja Abd al-Halik Gijduvani (died in 1180/1220) was born and died in Gijduvan village near Bukhara. He was a pupil of outstanding Sufi Khodja Usuf al-Hamadani and the founder of Central Asian Sufi school of “khadjagan” that is “way of Khodjas (teachers)”. Adherents of “khadjagan” had to recognize freewill poverty, ascetics and celibacy and abstain from contacts with authorities. Sufi Amir Kulal, Baha ad-Din Naqshband and Khodja Akhrar were followers of this tradition. The modern complex was constructed at the beginning of the 21 st century near a madrasah built by Ulugbeg beside the tomb of the great Sufi teacher.

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