An historian of the 10th century Narshahi states that Bukhara was originally called Numidjket. The core of the town was Ark, erected at the turn of the I millennium on a hill with an area of about 3 hectares. There was a palace, ruler’s administration, guard’s room and temple. According to a legend Ark was built by the epic hero Siyavush. Bukhara’s people honored his grave at the eastern gate, and every year on Navruz, roosters were sacrificed there. Bukhara’s citadel of Ark got its modern shape in the period of the Manghit dynasty (1747-1920). At that time Ark was the center of the Bukhara state. There was a palace of the Bukhara Emir, mosques, an exchequer, governmental administration and a prison. Its grand entrance faced Registan Square. The massive gates were reinforced with two towers connected by a gallery above. In the past there hung a lash above the gates. It symbolized the amir’s power. Ark was largely destroyed in 1920 when the Red Army subjected the city to an artillery attack and air bombing.

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