SHAKHRISABZ and mountain attractions of Kashkadarya

Route description: Ak-SarayPalace >Choubin Madrasah>Kuk-gumbaz mosque>Dor at-Tilavyat>Hazret-i-Imam mosque >Kitabgeological reserve>Katta-LyangarMountain ensemble .

Duration: 2 days. Transport: first day- walking tour, second day- vehicles.

      Opening of the new high-speed railway line decreased the time of the trip from Tashkent to Karshi up to 3 hours. From Karshi it takes a little more than an hourdrive to Shahrisabz, which obtained fame and grea tness at the times of Amir Temur, who granted the status of the second capital to the city. There was located the Ak-Saray government Palace, the scales of which are witnessed by the ruins of the enormous/grandiose portal. Within the boundaries of the temurids’ walls the city is being reconstructed today as a protected zone, where there are preserved mausoleums of the XIV-XV centuries, a cathedral mosque of XV c., a medieval dome passage Chorsu. In the madrasah of the XVII c. there is a local history museum. Besides the historical monuments, Shahrisabz is interesting with its original schools of embroidery and ceramics. The second day tour has 2 stages: the first is the tour to of the Kitab geological reserve with unique open casts representing sedimentary rocks of an ancient sea aged up to 500 mln years; the second is the tour to the Katta-Lyangar mountain shrine wherein monuments worthy of big cities – a mosque and a mausoleum of Sufi sheikhs of XV-XVI centuries- have been preserved in the narrow mountain valley.

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